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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


No I'm not out asking the blogsphere to help me end my dry spell. But if there are any takers. *WINK*

I just thought it amusing the other day while driving to work I saw a bull mounting a heifer. Just going to town. Animals having sex is some of the funniest shit on the planet. You know that scene in Bad Boys 2 when Marin Lawrence sees two rats humping. He crackles over the radio to Will Smith, "Papa rat is humping mama rat. They have sex like we do." You get the idea: animals having sex is funny. Makes me laugh every time.

Now Paula over at UltraBlog was commenting on this news story, and I had read the same thing over at Yahoo! News. The stories rehashs the findings that teens are having more oral sex than vaginal sex. I said to myself, "Well duh." When President Clinton says on National TV that it's not sex what are kids gonna think. Oral sex is sex, people. Look! It has the word "sex" in it.

Why do we have to be such a sexually repressed nation? For those of us that have had sex we know it feels good. Oh did I mention the monsoon season hasn't started yet.

On a side note, Playdough Enterprises has finally (with bated breath) updated their blog with some choice phatties. Maybe I could slap one of those phatties and ride the wave to the Promise Land.