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Monday, April 11, 2005

Operation Party: Success

I came home Friday after work to a fridge full of party platters from Blimpie. Hopped in the shower to clean myself up from a hard days "work". Poured myself an Amberbock and watched the daily drama of my next door neighbor and her fuck buddy from a couple of doors down. I hope the never completely call it off. It's the best Soap Opera in town.

Nothing freaks ya out more than when a cop pulls into your parking lot to chit-chat with someone and you have underage people coming over to drink. He left and everyone arrived without incident. I should say one. My brother took the most hellathious dump in my toilet upstairs. As our mother would say, "The smell could gag a maggot."

With that out of the way we could party. And as everyone knows by now I love to party. There is something magical about having your own party. Knowing everyone is having a great time and you brought it together. The highlight of the night was when I called Tex to see if he was still gonna make it. I got the impression when I called that he wasn't. Not but ten minutes later someone hugs me from behind while I was outside smoking. I had no clue who it was. Seemed everyone was accounted for in my quick scan. Once I was free there was Tex. I love hanging out with this kid.

On with the pictures that we all know are worth a 1000.

You go Birthday Girl.

I'm like Charlie and his Angels.

Look at this kid. I taught him everything I know.

Arbanna and the Shocker. YEAH!

Tiny. That girl was just not right. LOL

Tex and his lady friends.
I taught him everything I know too.

Look at that booty. Absolutely fabulous.

What is with me an shit-eating gins.
Oh I know. A hottie on my front and back.

Birthday Girl Tara dancing under the stars.

The PIMP says good-bye to the ladies.
And before I go. Licking Peppermint Schnapps off of boobies is mighty fun and delicious.