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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Oddly Enough

Last night I was at the Fun*Asylum for Manley's D&D game and the crew was waiting to get started. Two scantly clad ladies were strolling up the street with this dude. One girl was barely wearing a tank top that showed most of her tight stomach and her ass was hanging out of her shorts. Then we hear Helmut proclaim, "My old lady has panties that over more flesh than those shorts." Everyone busted out laughing.

peculiar about this scene is the dude was wearing a parka and the weather in KY was pushing over 70 degrees. Everyone came to the conclusion that this guy must be the girl's pimp. As the true PIMP knows pimps gotta be practical. A parka in the early evening of a hot spring day is just not practical.

At this point everyone had enough and flood outside to get a better look at the ladies. One was swing from the lamp post at this point. After some hooting, hollering, and cat-calls the girls scampered off to their apartment up the street. With the distraction gone we attempted to play D&D. As I have mentioned before many times a game will melt into dribble. We tried so hard to stay on task but that distraction was etched into our craniums.

The game session was over and we parted ways, Manley and I walked up to the street corner to where I had to cross the street and he had to head in the opposite direction to his apartment. There that girl was bent over the railing in front of her apartment. Could the gods be any crueler too me?