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Monday, April 04, 2005


What a relatively boring ass weekend I had.

I watched Degrassi and RFR which I haven't gotten to see in a long time since I have been watching SciFi Channel on Fridays. My brother had some friends over to cook their "family" dinner. Normally they cook in the dorm, so I got to give him all kinds of shit. It was so much fun embarrassing him in front of his friends. They loved it and he took it well. What are brothers for?

Saturday I got up fairly early because I thought I was going to get my hair cut. Carolyn had called me earlier in the week to schedule it for a later time on Saturday which quite honestly was better. I could actually sleep in, but she called me early to let me know she might have to cancel since her daughter had gotten sick while spending the night at a friends. Carolyn never called me back so I thought I was still getting my hair cut. At 10:30 I was at Salon 116 and waited. Waited for about 20 minutes before I left. Hopefully Carolyn will call me to reschedule.

Next was my usually D&D Minis tournament at Fun*Asylum. I had to play Manley Holiday in the first round. I'm the man with the best win percentage I have bragging rights and most people boast that they are gonna take me down. Very few accomplish that. What was too funny is that Manley and I brought the same exact Warbands to the table. Die rolls prevailed on his part and won the match. He then had to play two other exciting matches; one of which he did lose. My next two matches were a joke since I had to play two of the younger kids and both gave up before the match was over. I felt bad. I felt worse scoring a second place finish over Manley's fourth place finish. I didn't even have to work for any of the results.

After that I stayed late to play in a Star Wars minis tournament that featured the new set that was released that day. We had twelve people play in a tournament that cost $40 because you had to buy a starter and a booster. What an amazing turnout. It was a blast.

It was eleven o'clock and I rolled over to my parents to drop the G.D.O. ("garage door opener" if you are a Stargate SG-1 geek) that I forgot to do when I left Friday. I also needed to pick all the stuff I left there. It was late Friday and I just wanted to sleep in my own bed for a change. My mom washed my cloths for me that I left there even washed my A&F scrub pants that I didn't even wear that week. Also nicked my 4-quart pot my mom bought be back in college. Works wonders for cooking pasta; no boiling over. Then I went home and watched Unfaithful.

Sunday morning I woke up to candle wax all over the place. See the night before I was trying to gingerly melt two candles together. Then I forgot about those candles when I went to bed. Thank goodness I didn't burn the apartment down. I had wax pooled on each shelf and nice drip paths down the top to the bookshelf down to the bottom. Wax was splattered all over the carpet and pulled in a huge hunk in front of the bookshelf which I have still not gotten up. Most of the wax is off the bookshelf but still all over the carpet. Anyone have any ideas?

Went and played D&D like I normally do on Sunday afternoons. I came home and started watching 10 Things I Hate About You. About halfway through the movie the doorbell rings. My doorbell never rings. Guess who it is? Come on any guess. Well it was the crazy neighbor that likes to interrupt me while I'm watching TV. I was nice this time and invited her in. Let me tell she pushes my envelop of patients. She comes into my house and proceeds to tell me about all her "love" problems and shit. Like I give a rat's ass about her issues. At least it made me get up and put my laundry away that was clean before last weekend but never put away because I was taking care of the mutt.

Did I mention I forgot to change the time on my clocks so I missed church on Sunday too. I had every intention of going. While I was talking to the crazy neighbor I changed my clocks too.

This morning I went to the bathroom to poop like I usually do in the morning and someone had pissed all over the seat. I'm not talking a little dribble here and there but all over the fucking seat. Like the guy was a fucking painter. Took me like five minutes to wipe the thing off. I'm enjoying my poop and the guy that entered the stall next to me screeches like a girl and shouts, "Cockroach!" My goodness what a wuss. Hopefully the rest of the week will be better, sports-fans.