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Monday, March 14, 2005

What to do?

I spent my lunch hour calling various credit card companies, so that I could cancel those cards. Thus putting into motion the process of cleaning them from my credit report. Aye the stupid shit I did in college. Now onto more stupid shit.

Let's talk about my roommate, Dave. We were at lunch Friday and his ex-girlfriend called him two or three times. One point she left a voicemail that if he didn't call she was gonna come to work and confront him. He called her back and she wanted him to come to her "new" apartment and talk to him. He told her that he had to go home and would be back down.

We get home. I go downstairs to take care of some things and I hear him leave the apartment. I'm over at my parents as usual watching SciFi Friday. Remember, no Cable and mom was making dinner. Oh yeah. I arrive home at 11:30 just as I had left my apartmetn. Dave didn't come home.

I go play D&D Minis and get home around four o'clock. Still no Dave. I'm beginning to worry that this bitch ate him or something. I call him. No answer. Checked my usual Internet stuff and decided to call Emperor Joe to see that he was doing. Joe suggests that I come down there and we'll go out and get some movies. Sounds good, so I roll on down to Berea. I tell him about Dave not coming home as of when I got there. About 5:30. I call Dave again. Still no answer.

Joe, his wife, and I go out to Blockbuster to pick up some movies. Joe's wife, McKenzie couldn't believe that I had seen most of the movies that were out. I said, "I have over 200 DVDs at home and since we have begun burning DVDs at work I've gotten close to 80 more." We settled on The Grudge and The Punisher. Joe and McKenzie wanted to scare me with The Grudge. I suggest we go to Papa Leno's for dinner. Papa Leno's is this small little Italian place in the downtown square that has some of the most wonderful food ever. They bake their bread fresh daily. Nuff said.

I must digress for a moment because Master Foley always like to stop and appreciate the ladies. The true PIMP in me. There was the quite attractive girl working there. I was eying her the whole time. Just had a pleasant quality about her. She sat down with some friends to eat. I guess she was on her break. She was wearing some baggy pants that sat low on her hips and there her grey thong was peeping out a considerable distance. I was mesmerized the entire time. Now mind you she probably wasn't much more than sixteen, but the PIMP can appreciate the fine woman that she will be in a few years.

Back on track. Dave finally calls me. Says he is getting some clothes and going back to Winchester to spend the night. WHAT!! "What are you doing?" Then he tells me she is at the apartment. Great! Now this stupid bitch knows where we live. Wonderful.

We watch The Grudge and drank a few beers. I didn't find the moive to be all that great. I hate scary movies. They provide no entertainment value to me what-so-ever. That and I kept falling asleep. I think the beer had something to do with that. Then we watched The Punisher. Again I kept falling asleep but what I saw a much better movie. More along the lines of what I enjoy.

Sunday rolls around and I head out for my D&D games. I get home around six and take care of my laundry, find something to eat, the usual. Dave calls me to let me know that once again he is staying in Winchester and will be going to work from there. Cripes. What the fuck?

Is the moon full? Is Hell freezing over? Are cats humping dogs? What is going on here?