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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Songs that Bring Back Memories

1) “"Mrs. Robinson"” by Simon & Garfunkel – used to fall asleep to this song in college
2) “"Too Close"” by Next – gives me a woody every time
3) “"Gimme Some Lovin"” by Spencer Davis Group – first oldie song I liked
4) “"Back That Ass Up”" by Juvenile – girl in college loved this song and I always obliged her
5) "“Baby Got Back"” by Sir Mix-A-Lot – waiting at a train station in NM for a bus to pick up my Philmont crew
6) “"Gin and Juice"” by The Gourds – when the weather gets warm, drink on the back porch of the fraternity house
7) “"Purple Haze”" by Jimi Hendrix – Greek Sing, actually singing extremely drunk and later pissing on the B&E Building
8) "“Far Behind”" by– Candlebox – jammin out with my best friend
9) “"Jeremy”" by Pearl Jam – teen angst in general
10) "“Hurt"” by NIN – cleans up any depression I have