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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Do Americans ever feel content? Does Capitalism drive us to want more and more?

It's been three years since I graduated college. I had to move back in with my parents because I couldn't afford to live on my own. Those three years I was supposed to be using the free room and board to pay off the credit card debt that I accumulated in college. Did I do the wise thing and get myself back on my feet? Of course not. I would spend my paycheck recklessly like I was still in college.

I moved out this past May and have been on my own since. My parents have helped me out quite a bit on my way. I look back on that moment of moving out and it was kinda depressing for me. Here I was just now finally moved out completely on my own and two of my fraternity brothers where become first time homeowners. I was like geez how pathetic is that. Later I realized that I have a home and can do whatever I please.

Everyone knows I a big geek and love to play Dungeons & Dragons as well as tabletop miniature war games like Mage Knight. I have weekly groups that play D&D and every Saturday I play my minis games.

I have been wanting to start a weekly bar tradition since moving out of my parent's house. If you been reading the blog you know that every Thursday my co-workers and I go to Paddy Wagon's downtown to kick back with a few cold ones. The Drunken Master has to stay in shape somehow.

Again if you have been reading the blog you will know that I just recently received a permanent position at EDS. It feels so good to have that financial security, better benefits and vacation. I haven't had a true vacation day in three years. I can now go with my family when we go home to PA. I'll be able to see my two nephews for the longest time didn't know who Uncle Andy's friend was. They didn't know who Uncle Mikey was. Tore me up.

I guess that the only think lacking in my life is a love life. Even now the Dry Season doesn't bother me. Someone is helping me with that as I type. I am content with who I am and where I am. Now you might think I am complacent like many Americans can be. To a degree I am, but I like to think that I'm don't having to worry like so many people do. In the fall I plan on going to Eastern to get my teacher certification and be a teacher. It was funny growing up that I said I never wanted to follow in my father's footsteps. Who knew it would be my mother's?

The past couple of days the weather has been crappy. Kinda been making me a little depressed but there is so much right now making me happy. I can not complain about anything like I ususally do. Truely I'm a happy person right now.

In closing I leave you with another quiz that once again says I'm a cute, lovable harmless teddy bear. Argh that frustrates me sometimes. Enjoy.

You are a sock.

You are a cozy, fuzzy, warm-hearted person. A lot of your friends describe you as a hopeless romantic. You fall for the opposite sex very easily. But be careful, because usually you don't know what you are getting into, and because you are very sensitive, you can get hurt... especially in early relationships. Also, don't exclude the cold-hearted from your "want-list", because they just might be looking for a kind person to warm up their heart.... or a sock to warm up their feet.

Most compatible with: Toilet Paper.

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