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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


My parents have gone out of town to Charleston, SC for their anniversary, and I have to take care of the mutt, Maggie, this week.

She is a great dog, but I swear can be a pain in the ass sometimes. She has to sleep in the bed with you. In a twin bed in my brother's room that doesn't leave much room for you. She begs for food like she never gets feed too.

I told my parents I would work on their computer. Seems they had an issue with Norton Anti-Virus and uninstalled it. Now they can't find the CD-ROM to reinstall it. Last night I installed AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo! Instant Messenger because I will be spending most of my nights at the house. I didn't want to get bored. The Internet was running really slow, so I ran Ad-Aware and SpyBot to hopefully get rid of the spyware and adware on the computer. I then installed AVG free anti-virus for them. Then installed some Windows Updates XP was begging to be installed. Then I decided I better defrag the hard drive. Let me just say that this too all fucking night. Needless to say I didn't get to go searching for any PORN. When I get home I still have to scan the registry for spyware entries that weren't removed by Ad-Aware and SpyBot.

Also found out that someone hacked the router and changed the password, so when my parents get home I have to fix that for them. The Internet works right now, so I'm not gonna worry about it. The shit I do for my parents.