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Friday, March 04, 2005

A Little Geek and a Little Drink

The Geek
Last night I arrived at Paddy Wagon's later than (as of late) been arriving. I went to Frankfort with a friend, Keith, for a D&D Minis tournament at Moonlite Comics. I have gone to Moonlite all the time when I feeling froggy to play MechWarrior. Keith really wants are local group to play other people around the state. Many in the state are ranked in the Top 25 Nationally. Yours truly is ranked 11th in the Nation. I brought my warband out and my first opponent had a chuckle because it was nearly the same as mine. He swapped in some orc fodder and a Drider Sorcerer for one of my Orc Champion beat sticks. Both of us played well and neither one out played the other. I think the overall deciding factor in the game was literal the first round of combat. My opponent's little Orc Warriors charged in and critically hit for twenty points of damage each. That was forty points of damage right off the bat to my Commander. Nearly made him run away. I lost that round but an awesome match. My second opponent did not play well against my "Wham, Bam, Thank you, Ma'am" warband. He brought all his figures up to mine and as usual on the next round I won initiative and proceeded to decimate this warband. The subsequent rounds were just clean up. My orcs ate well that time. Are host asked Keith and I if we wanted to play a third round. I was gonna have to play Keith and when Keith and I play it's a knock down drag out fight. Usually I end up on top. We diced off and Keith won. That will be just one of a very few times he has beaten me.

The Drink
I got to Paddy Wagon's around nine. Joe had already gone so I was left with Dave, Ben, and Ben's friends. His one friend Hungry doesn't say much but the other friend is a bit obnoxious. Anyways. Kristi asked me what I want. I told her to bring something I had left on the card. I got a Beamish, an Irish stout. Come in a can, thick as can be with the CO2 ball and everything. It was yummy. If your are into that kind of beer give it a try.

I tell the worse people that annoy me are those that have three beers and act drunk. That was Ben and his friend. I mean geez these guys want to do the Beer Club but Ben is pouring his beer in any container that will hold liquid. Finally they left around 9:30 when they usually do leaving Dave and I to close the bar down. Next, I had a Budweiser World Select. Anheuser-Busch decided to get world class brewmasters together and create a masterpiece beer. Hmm. Well it fucking tastes like Heineken. If you like Heineken then you will love Budweiser World Select.

Now Paddy Wagon's decided to add four more beers to the list. More beer to be drunk, I'm not complaining. One of those beers was Budweiser Select. Another something that Anheuser-Busch came out with last month. It lives up to its claim of being crisp and clean. I'd give it a try if you like Bud products.

It was my turn to drive so it was about 10 something and I ordered an Efes. I have no idea where it was from but it was imported by some place in IL. It was late and it was really hurting my head trying to figure this beer out. Anyway it wasn't too bad. Had that nice aftertaste. Paddy Wagon is mostly people my age or still in school. What blew my mind is a gentleman, Bill, that goes to my church was walking up near were I was sitting. I introduced myself. He didn't remember who I was. Had to tell him who my parents were. We proceeded to talk. Here is the kicker. He and and the gentleman that he was with make a circuit of the bars in town as a ministry. They do what the Spirit leads them to do. Funny thing was the come into Paddy's and have a Guinness but no other place do they drink a beer. We continued to talk and Bill asked if they could pray for Dave and I. I said, "Sure." Didn't bother me any but I had to think this must be weirding Dave out. My church really tries to reach out to the community in many different ways.

The night was winding down. When I got to Paddy's there was a guy and his girl at the table directly across from us. As the night progressed two more girls sat down. Then a third. Finally two more, so this guy had his girl and five other women with him. I said to myself, "Enough is enough. I gotta get me some of that kool-aid." I went over an introduced myself pointing out the obvious. I sat and talked with them for a bit until it was time to go. Dave was getting real drunk since it was my week to drive. It was off to blissful sleep.

For some reason I have been sleep so well at night. No matter when I go to bed, I wake up refreshed.