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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Yesterday on my drive to work I spotted several hawks gliding on the updraft. Just circling the rolling farm land next to the road. Wings outstretched catching every bit of the wind and effortless flying. Wingtips steering obviously looking for their next meal. Reminds me of my childhood going to Bald Eagle Mountain in PA, where you can observe predatory birds in flight. Made the day start off with a smile.

The Job proceeded to be a usually pain in the ass Monday. Dampened the mood a bit. Then it started to rain. I hate the rain. I hate the rain with a passion that could boil an ocean. Coming home an cooking made that better. I can masterfully doctor up some spaghetti sauce in a jar like it's nobody's business. I reduced some onions and browned some hamburger, even simmered the beef in some Amberbock. Smelled so good. Then I sautéed some white mushrooms that I sliced real chucky like. Poured in the jar of sauce. I love oregano, so I have a big ol' jar and use a ton of it in my sauce. A few other spices like paprika, garlic powder, and Emeril's Essence. Stirred in the mushrooms and let all the flavors mingle. Served it over some penne pasta. Awesome.

Then something hits me like a ton of bricks. My mind is like a steal trap and assumes the worst possible scenario. You know how "when life gives you lemons make lemonade," I was scrambling to find the sugar. I laid in my bed; resolved myself that I was going to cry myself to sleep. What I had was gone. Then at the right moment I get a phone call. All was right as rain. LOL.

Now a little poem for you.

Eagle soars
Effortless in the wind
Mountain erupts jealously
Burning flesh from bone
Heart laid bare
Darkness fills the land
Freezes the plain
All is still
Wind whispers
Soothing emotion