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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I'm always dumbfounded when that question on surveys comes up: "What is your favorite holiday?" I never know what to say. Halloween? I loved Halloween as a kid but not so much now. Thanksgiving? I love getting together with family but it's just an excuse to eat good food. Christmas? Love the Christian aspect of this holiday but despise the secular commercialism.

St. Paddy's Day? I have always been fond of this holiday. Always made sure days before I'd have my green clothes laid out, so I wouldn't forget to wear them. Now that I'm older it's a great excuse to get drunk. St. Patrick's Day will be my holiday that I will celebrate with much fervor.

Roommate update. Dave will be bringing this succubus to my place of sanctuary. Thursday nights at Paddy Wagon's. I don't necessarily have an issue with this but I do. Then he says that he is probably not going to stay the whole night. I ask, "Are you gonna give me a ride home?" He shrugs. WTF? Looks like I'm taking a cab home tonight.

Wait. It gets better. Seems the succubus might be spending the night. Geez. Dave didn't even ask me if it was OK. I guess I might have to do some demon slaying tonight if he can't get this succubus's claws out of his back.

On to funnier things. Now that everyone knows that I'm a Republican, I have to share that we have a very left Democrat on our team. We love to give him hell because he can't argue politically with compromise. As a joke we made him an undercover Republican ID card with his picture on it and it said, "I love Dubya."

Here we have this great image of ol' Dubya as the big PIMP that he is. Dubya has got the cane and everything. Classic. Now in the background you can see ol' Skip relaying some confidential Democrat propaganda to Mrs. Cheney. Too funny. Skip our secret agent in the Democrat camps.

In closing, what where your picks for the NCAA Tournament. I have Kentucky squaring off against Louisville for all the marbles. Far fetched indeed but seemed probable.