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Friday, March 11, 2005

Beer in Review

Once again it's that day after a night at The Paddy Wagon. Last night I attended the District Banquet for Scouting with my family. I made everyone go because I nominated my father for the District Award of Merit. It was very disappointing that he didn't receive the award. My brother commented that one of the individuals seems to just do so many things to make himself look good. It was so true and my father has done so much behind the scenes for Scouting even after both of his sons earned their Eagle Scout. He deserves the recognition. Regardless it was nice to spend an evening with my family. I rushed home to change clothes. It would have looked way goofy to show up to a bar in my scout uniform, neckerchief and all.

I race back to Paddy Wagon's to get my drink on. I realize I have to keep my tab under ten dollars because it's now been three weeks since I got a paycheck. Ugh. Kristi sees me and asks me what I want. I said, "Bring me something I left." There Dave was shouting, "I finished my Beer Card!" He had nine beers left and finished them in two hours. He must have been real pissed off after talking to his ex-girlfriend. See supposedly she is pregnant and called him balling that he doesn't want to take responsibility. Dave doesn't want to have anything to do with her until he knows for sure that it's his child. The girl is just loopy in the head. In Dave's defense at one time he was more than willing to go shopping with her for new closes because she was getting big. He wanted to go with her to make sure she wasn't buying weed with the money. Not quite a model mother here. This is why sometimes people of the should not live together until they are married.

Anyways back to the beer or in this case another cider, Stongbow. What can I say it was sweet, tasted like champagne. It was good stuff if you were looking for a cider.
Next, off the list was Windhoek, brewed and imported from Nambia. Had that nice imported smell. Easily worth a try if you want something different. By this time Dave has had a Jager Bomb and two draft Amberbocks. I finish off the night with a MGD. Never was a fan of this Miller product, but it was on sale that night and kept me under my $10 tab requirement. Dave is plastered and it was Spring Break for EKU do the Wagon was dead last night. We settled up early with Kristi and roll on home to put Dave to bed.

Don't for get that next week is St. Patrick's Day. Master Foley will be taking the night off to drink Guinness and green beer to celebrate. I'll be sure to chronicle the night's events. Don't you fret. On a side note I think BlogExplosion is paying a cruel joke on my during my moment of sexual frustration.