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Friday, March 25, 2005

99 Bottles

I went home after work to get something to eat and catch up on some Stargate SG-1 episodes before heading out to Paddy Wagon's. If you remotely like sci-fi, saw the movie, or think Richard Dean Anderson is hot watch this show. It's awesome. Emperor Joe calls me and says he is ten minutes from the bar. My cue to get ready to leave.

As ususal I park on the side of the bar. It's really cool now because they have poles down the length of the building with Irish flags blowing in the wind. Very cool. Joe is at a bar table with a PBR in hand. I sit down and light up a cigarette with him.

I get this tap on my shoulder and I looked over one shoulder and then the other. Nothing. Went back to smoking. Then I was thinking man that's weird. No one showed themselves. I look over my shoulders again. Nothing. A moment passes and I look down behind my chair there was Kristi. She stands up and hands me my Beer Card.

I order a St. Pauli Girl to start the day off. One of Germany's famous beers. Very crisp and clean. Like most German beers it has that somewhat awful aftertaste. As Emperor Joe stated it tasted like a skunk. Very much an acquired taste. If you like German beer and haven't tired this beer be sure to. Personally I would wonder why if you are drinking German beer why you haven't had a St. Pauli Girl yet.

Next was a Blue Moon. Brewed by Coors. This little gem has a nice amber color, but it's Belgium brewing process gives it a opaque sheen. Your pint glass is garnished with an orange slice makes it taste oh so good. Definitely give this one a try.

Then I had a Czechvar. As the name suggests this beer comes from the Czech Republic. Not to bad but I liked Pilsner Urquell better. About the time I was finishing off this beer Ben and his friends showed up. Low and behold Ben bring a woman with him.

Joe and I with Joe's friend, Dave, go up to join them in one of the larger booths. This mystery woman's name is Jamie seemed like a cool chica. She liked beer. Always a plus in my book. She was checking me out most of the night but I didn't want to cock block because Ben needs all the help he can get.

Back to the beer. Paddy's just recently put Smithwick's on tap. I really liked Smithwick's. Brewed and imported by Guinness and it's Ireland's oldest ale. Deep in color with a nice white foamy head tasted a lot like Guinness. If you like Guinness you know what to do with Smithwick's.

At this point I'm buzzing pretty good. Ben's lady friend had a Bass and didn't really enjoy it. I had been saving this one because even though I have never had one I knew I would like it. I'm a big fan of beers from the British Isles. Sure enough I enjoyed the crisp clean taste with a slight bitter aftertaste you can't find in American beers. Always watered down to make them more palatable to the masses. Bass is a classic beer. Put it on your list if you haven't tried it.

Finally to finish off the night I had a Hefeweizen, a wheat beer. I'm not a huge fan of wheat beers the aftertaste doesn't appeal to me. Maybe someone can write a more impartial review. Although I love Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. That hint of cherry makes it so much fun to drink.

That was the night. I only have five beers left on the Beer Card. Although I'm thinking about asking Paddy Wagon's to add a few more of my favorites to the list.

Oh wait. You probably want to hear how things went with Kristi. I couldn't of asked for better outcome. Kristi sat down with me when she brought me my tap and I said to her, "You have to let me cook you dinner sometime." "Really you can cook." "Sure I can." "What's your specialty." "I can make really good spaghetti." "Meatballs?" "I can see what I can do." Kristi will be out of town for Easter and is helping a friend on her days off next week. We decided to figure it out next Thursday.