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Friday, February 18, 2005

What You Have Been Waiting For

Once again it's the day after a night at Paddy Wagon's. After much waiting Emperor Joe finally got to go out with Dave and I. Last week the roads were slick because we got a little snow, the Emperor's truck doesn't go very well in the snow. Wuss. Joe stopped by the house after work. Dave and I were finishing up scanning my DVDs into a database. I have over 200 DVDs and soon I will have over 50 new burned DVDs. Isn't technology great.

The three of us arrived at Paddy Wagon's at 7:30. I want you to note this time because Dave and I don't usually go out until nine. Kristi came with are Beer Cards in hand. =) I must say she was looking mighty hot that night. We needed some food. Paddy's had some great food and appetizers. I ordered my usual Pub Burger and Waffle fries with extra ketchup. First beer off the list for that night was Heineken. Many people love the sophisticated taste of Heineken. Me. I personally think its dry and has the weirdest aftertaste of hops. Finished that off before the food came and ordered a Dos Equis.

You all know my feelings for Corona. Mexican Horse Piss for those that just happened to stop by via Blog Explosion or BlogClicker, but I really like Dos Equis. It has that warm taste that all amber beers have. It is a pleasure to drink this beer. Soon after we finished eating and began to bullshit about work as we always do. I ordered a Busch. I hadn't realized until today all the beers that Anheuser-Busch produced. Many of them like Busch taste so much better than Budweiser, the supposed King of Beer. King of Beers my ass.

We are kicked back smoking and bullshitting, and a bit of an argument broke out about some crazy bitch whining about how many times she paid for the pool table. The dude she was arguing with was doing her best to not blow up in the bitch's face. Needless to say we had a laugh at her dumbass's expense.

Joe had to leave before it got too late. Once again frickin wuss. Dave and I were left to our own devices. Next off the list was Amstel Light. I have always liked this beer. Light and crisp. Did you know it's America's number one imported light beer. I guess when your only competition is Corona Light the only place to go is up. Kidding aside Amstel Light is a great beer.

Now we come to the poor college student's beer of choice, Natural Light. What can you say about a beer nicked name Nattie? This stuff is so horrible in a can and even worse in a keg, but out of a bottle it's not too bad. While enjoying this beer that crazy lady comes up to our table. Looks and Dave then looks at me and with a wink and a smile asks us if we wanted to shoot some pool. I said, "Um, No." Whew that was a close one. Dave and I just laughed.

At this point we were starting to get a tad bit tipsy, but we decided to have one more before we go. Each of us had a Pilsner Urquell, a Czech pale ale. Dave and I were definitely feeling the effects of alcohol and couldn't for the life of us pronounced this little guy, so we just called it Pissing Urinal. It was too funny because Dave and I both thought it was really good. I definitely recommend giving this one a whirl.

It's late at this point but not late enough to close down the bar like we usually do. Dave and I say, "Fuck it!" and have another one. Are final beer for the evening was Pacifico Clara, another Mexican beer. This one was a mighty fine pale ale. Another beer I would recommend giving a try. Kristi was a little disappointed that we didn't close down the bar like we usually do. I explained if we stayed we would be walking home. She promptly said, "I'm not scared of you two. I'd take you home." Like I said Kristi was looking fabulous last night and I'm going to have to remember that offer.

Seven beers off the list and a thirty dollar tab we walked out and nearly got ran over by two half naked college girls going to Hurricanes. Alas, I am too old to chase that young a pu-nannie around.