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Friday, February 25, 2005

Over The Hill

Once I again I spend an evening at Paddy Wagon's. Imagine that I have been doing it for a month now. You don't know how long I have wanted to have a night every week that some people get together and drink some beer. Last night the fellowship truly came to fruitation. Joe, Ben, and Andre from work were there when Dave and I got there.

Kristi was there ready to take our order. Dave said, "Just bring something left on the list." I ordered a Half & Half. For those who don't know what this is; it's Guinness over Harp. This was quite yummy and knocked two beers off my list. It's very odd that the Master loves beer but he has never had Guiness or Harp before. Sometimes you get into those comfort zones. I really wanted to be one of those people that loves Guinness. It's refreshing to say that I am. hehe.

Everyone else got there earlier that Dave and I and were already eating. Kristi brought us menus. Joe said the Gaelic Cheese Steak was really good. Decided to give that a try. It was pretty good but I like the Pub Burger better.

Next off the list was Leinenkugel's Red. A microbrew from Wisconsin. Very much like Killian's. Has that rich bitter taste. I liked it and would like to try the other beers from this Brewery. It was most hilarious watching Ben trying to muscle down the Dixie Blacken Voodoo. Like I said it tastes like soap water. His face would contort into the most awful of facial expression. Sheer disgust.

Andre doesn't drink beer but loves Jager. We ordered up some Jager Bombs. Kristi came and brought an extra shot. I asked, "What's that for?" Her reply, "I'm gonna do one with you guys." Awesome. To Paddy Wagon's and down the hatch. Andre did two more Jager Bombs in a row. I knew this was bad. This kid did like three more straight Jager shots through out the rest of the night. Andre says there are all kinds of things you can mix with Jager. The Drunken Master is gonna have to seem some outside enlightenment on this.

After the Jager Bomb, the next beer to fill my belly was Woodchuck. Woodchuck is hard apple cider so technically not a beer. I really love Woodchuck especially if you want an adult beverage to sip. If you can find it on tap it's an experience.

Joe's pussy ass had to go home to his woman. I guess I can't blame since he is the one getting ass and not me. Beck's bit the dust next. A German beer with much regard as in import. It had that nice bitter foreign hoppy taste. Not something I would drink all the time.

Closing out the night with a Michelob Lite. What can we say another cheapass American beer brewed by Anheuser-Busch. Everyone esle left earlier in the night because well Dave and I are not wussies, but Andre stuck it out with us. That's were all that Jager and Red Bull went. He looked good until we were ready to leave and Bam! it hit him. Drunk as a skunk but wired like a weasel. Those Jager Bombs are evil. Dave and I took him back to the apartment where Dave tried to calm him down and let him sober up so he could drive back up to Lexington. I had two shots of Southern Comfort to take the edge off. I hate when it's my turn to drive. It was good having a sweet and soothing voice to put me to sleep. wink