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Monday, February 07, 2005

Not This Time

Super Bowl Sunday was my fraternity big brother, Goose's, 28th birthday. We went Saturday to celebrate. Goose wanted to go to McCarthy's, an Irish bar in Lexington, KY. Once again they have Guinness and Harp on tap. I had to arrive a little late because I had a previous appointment to play D&D Minis. Goose was already looking a little trashed. Most of the night was great fellowship with my fraternity brothers. It was Midnight and Jason wanted to go home. We look everyone where for the Goose cannot find him. McCarthy's isn't really a big bar, it's cozy like that. We wasted 30 minutes with unfruitful attempts to find him, so we can go home. I find him in the new bar of McCarthy's that isn't attached to the rest of the main bar. There he sat with two other fraternity brothers, also his boys from his home town, Tick and Green.

I tell him, "Jason wants to go. Are you coming?" "Nah, I'm trying to hit on this beautiful woman here." Now what you must understand is that the Goose is one ugly muthafucker. I turned to the girl who was obviously going to sleep with Green and asked, "Are you gonna suck the Goose's dick?" She said, "Only if he pays me." "Goose you're shit out of luck man. Let's go home." Still he is belligerent and wants to stay. I turned to Tick and Green and said, "You guys got him?" "Yeah," and I said my good-byes.

I go back to Jason's to drink some more beer and throw some darts. It's around one in the morning and we figured it would be a matter of time before the Goose would be showing up at home. He was shit faced when I left him. About two we call Tick and asked him, "Where's the Goose?" He says, "I don't know we lost him." "How in the hell do you lose the Goose?" "He got up to go to the bathroom and never game back." Figuring they were shitting with us, Jason and I took it at face value. When Tick and Green rolled through the front door without the Goose, we got worried. The whole time Goose wasn't answering his cell phone.

Almost four in the morning Jason gets a call on his cell phone, it's from the Goose. Thank god. Jason gets all serious on the phone. Jason recounts that Goose is in an ambulance headed to UK Hospital. We argue who is gonna go bail him out. I said, "I'll go. Jason, come with me?" Inside the Emergency Room, a nurse takes us back. There the Goose was in a hospital gown with his junk all hangin out. "How ya feel?" "I'm fine. I just want my boxers." The Goose was alright. After some formalities to get him released, Jason asks the nurse, "Where did they find him?" "Corner of Buck Lane and Michelle Park" That corner is two houses down from where Goose and Jason live.