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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Birthday Bash

Keg - $75.00
Tap Rental - $40.00
Keg Deposit - $15.00
Sheet of Plywood - $12.50
Cups - $2.50
Sharpie Markers - $5.00
Ping Pong Balls - $1.50
Ice - $11.50
Trash Can - $8.00

Floated Keg - Priceless

The Birthday Bash last Saturday was a complete success. It has taken until today to fully relish all of the events to properly chronicle the experience.

Beer Pong was a success. The Dennis and Jason Dream Team was undefeated once again.

The best moment was when my roommate woke up and aked me if someone puked in his bed. I said, "Buddy, sorry to disappoint you but you were alone when I put you to bed. You puked in you own bed."

I had peanuts all over the floor.

And the funniest thing was walking out the front door in the morning with the trash and seeing this.