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Friday, February 11, 2005

Be This Friend

Is this not so true. I have to say one of the best decisions in my life was joining my fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau. Several of the people I have met during my years in college will be life long friends that will stand beside me. Some of you are probally saying, "You were just buying your friends." This is so stupid. Hell, most of us couldn't pay our dues. There is something to say about the bond, "A brother from another mother."

Now on for the good stuff. Thursday night at Paddy Wagon's.
The regular treatment is starting to set it. Kristi said hi to us and we sat down. She presented us with our beer cards without even asking our names. I promptly ordered a Sam Adams. I drank a lot of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat in college, but never the original. My notion of the original is that it is the only real beer brewed in the United States. Basically not watered down swill. I must say for an amber colored beer it was smooth and left a nice nutty after taste. I have had Sam Adams Light and if you aren't into darker beers it's quite a freshing pale ale.

Next, Dave and I asked Kristi what she recommended. She said she liked Birra Moretti, and Italian beer. I said to Dave, "I thought all them made in Italy was wine and pasta." Moretti is a very pale lager. I honestly couldn't tell you how well it tasted since it was masked by the richness of Sam Adams.

Next, I had a Michelob. One thing about the Beer Card is that I'm forced to drink some other American beers. This guy was pretty good. If you are into most American Lagers that Michelob won't treat you wrong.

In closing I decided to pay homage to our neighbors to the North. I have the opinion that the only good thing that comes from Canada is beer. To finish off the night I had a Molson. From what I could tell it was a light amber beer that was crisp and clean. I do enjoy Canadian beer. I have so been wanting to try Molson Triple X which is supposed to have the highest alchohol content of any beer and cannot be imported into the US.

Somehow the Molson gave me the hiccups real bad and I sounded like a real drunk last night right before we were gonna leave. I couldn't say two words without hiccupping. Emperor Joe was supposed to make an appearance last night but pussed out because the roads were bad. Everyone needs to go to his blog and give him HELL.

I am this but I think I'm more of a Philosophical Drunk.
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