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Monday, January 03, 2005

The Year is 2005

We have made it through another year. Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve. I had a blast. A week into December I was asking around trying to find something to do. Couldn't find a thing. The week of New Year's I said, "Fuck it. Something will come up and I'll be ready." My best friend, Whitney, called me on Thursday asking me what I was doing. I said, "Absolutely nothing." She said, "Good, we are going to Avio." Rock on. Avio is an upscale nightclub in Lexington, KY with a dress code. It's a concept of having 5 different bars in one: Sports Bar, Dance Club, Karaoke, Rock, and an Outdoor Beach Volleyball.

I arrived at Whitney's friend, Mona's, place. The girls had made a sweet spread of food. Whitney poured me a glass of champagne, and I made short work of the stuffed mushrooms that were left. The boys were playing Super Smash Brother Melee. They asked me to join in, I said, "I would just embarrass myself." Every finished getting pimped out and we took some pictures. Always have to have those Before pictures.

We roll up to Avio and Mona works with the owner's fiancé. Can we say VIP? Walked right in and didn't have to pay the $15 cover. Phat to the max. The nine of us danced in the New Year and beyond. After three Maker's and Coke I was quite toasty. We went out the volleyball court to cool off. It started to drizzle. Very refreshing. We chatted with the owner and his fiancé. Nice people. We were tired and headed back to Mona's.

The boys devoured what food was left before we went out. The guys then played Mario Kart Double Dash until four in the morning. It's always interesting playing a driving game while inebriated. Much hilarity and cursing insued. The girls made beds for the guys that did have significant others and we all retired. In the morning the girls made us chocolate chip pancakes. They were the bomb. Thanks Mona.
The boys played more Mario Kart. Finally I drove back to Richmond at around three in the afternoon.

It's good to ring the New Year in with friends. And the best of all the PIMP might have a lady friend to hang out with.