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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Came back from the Mexican restaurant today, bloated as usual. It's 20% Off Day on Tuesdays. My roommate noticed I had what appeared to be a busted belt in my tire. Hmm. Then I notice that I got a big ol' screw in the tread as well. I guess it paid to get that Road Hazard warranty from S&S Tire.

A few months back I was replacing all my tired because well I got a flat tire. They needed to be replaced anyway. I was just wearing them out to extend the time that I needed to replace them. The sales clerk mentioned the Road Hazard warranty like a good little monkey. I had to think if this was worth it. Then I recalled my horrible luck with vehicles and then even narrowed it down to tires and it got worse.

Let's start with my old 88 Chevy Nova. I was driving back from Scout Camp with my brother and I had picked up some tiny remnant of a nail. It had begun to rain and I was going around a turn and lost control. Spun around three times and ended up falling backwards into a huge ditch. Had to have a tow truck pull me out. Five feet either way I could have driven myself out. Later in college, someone slashed both my driver's side tires. Hell I even had someone steal the spare tire out of the back of the trunk of that car.

Then my parents gave me the 92 Nissan truck. Early after graduating I was commuted to Lexington where I worked at Subway. Can we say damn shitty economy. I was parked across the street at Kroger's. Where they were doing renovations and I picked up a drywall screw. Later when I was working at Lexmark I was getting off the interstate something shredded my rear passenger tire. I was halfway down the road to work before I realized that I could call my supervisor to come help me. We had to drive back towards town to pick up the interstate so we could get off on the exit where the truck was parked.

Then there is the day that prompted the new tires. Just getting ready to get of the interstate towards Winchester and had a blow out. Thought someone's vehicle had a backfire. Until on the exit I couldn't drive the truck with any amount of control. Pulled into the gas station. Shredded tire.

When the guy said, "Road Hazard?" I said, "You betcha!"