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Friday, January 07, 2005

Stupid People - part 2

It's time for Stupid People - part 3. Hazily I proceeded to my desk after making the 30 minute commute to work. Damn I have voicemail. It's not pleasant knowing that some dumbass called you after you got off work. This message was from a lady in a different time zone but at work now. I called her got her voicemail. Left a message. She calls me right back. This really pisses the GrimSage off. See when we call no number comes up on Caller ID meaning the Nextel employees don't know It is the Help Desk calling them. It doesn't bother me unless we are busy and everyone and their mother is calling me back and I just want to get my tickets closed out.

I answer the call and bring up the lady's ticket. I ask, "Could you show me exactly what is happening?" I do this when I'm lazy and don't want to decipher the gibberish in the ticket. The lady says, "When I click on a Word document I get duplicates of them. I think I have a virus." She opens up a Word document. Seems nothing out of the ordinary. "See there on the desktop," she says. Oh my God what an idiot! It was the temporary file that is created by all Microsoft Office applications for use with the AutoSave feature. She had her Hidden Files enabled. It took me 10 minutes to explain to that this was supposed to happen. I showed her, "See when you close Word it goes away." "How'd you do that." Once again I had to explain to her how the AutoSave feature worked. I still don't think she got it but I got her off the phone .

Now I was over at michele and she has been doing posts that make her reads comment on their thoughts. Today's was, "If you had a Red Button on your desk, 'What would it do?'" My prompt answer was, "It would open a gate to the fiery pits of Hell whenever I felt the need to punish a Stupid Person." Although , I'm afraid I would be damning a lot of people to Hell. Comment on what your Button would do.