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Monday, January 10, 2005

Quality Time - part 3

As I'm driving back to my apartment to crash out before going to D&D Minis, I get a call from my brother telling me I have to help him move back into the dorms. Shit why can't Mom and Dad help you. Seems there was a miscommunication between them and my brother and they were in Lexington shopping for a bathroom mirror and were gonna go on a date. How cute? Great. I tell him, "OK. Have you shit packed up and downstairs. I'll pick you up after D&D Minis." Just as I'm getting off the call with my brother my parents call to tell me the same damn thing. "Yeah, Yeah I got it." "Thanks, Mike." Geez.

I get home and put together my warband for this evening tournament. I try a few new things. I got a figure in from eBay that cost me $22, so I wanted to give her a try. Turns out my arch-nemesis and teacher Keith was using the same figure. The Drow Cleric of Lloth, the only Commander 5 for Chaotic Evil. Shit we almost had identical armies. Perseverance and reverence to the Dice Gods prevailed and I won the tournament.

I get to my parent's house and load up my brothers stuff. Thank God he had a friend help move the fish tank. I was dreading that one. You see, it was such a pain last time.

I go home and go to bed early because Mom and Dad convinced me that if go to Sunday School and Church they would take me out to lunch. I never pass up free food, people. Sunday School is being led by the Associate Pastor, Steven Sparks, who will graduating from Asbury Seminary with his Master in Divinity pretty soon. Very cool guy was a highly successful attorney in Mississippi that felt a calling to the ministry and found his way to KY. I think I will enjoy the topics we will be discussing. Some of the hard to answer questions Christians of this generation face. Church was good too, Stephen was preaching.

Then to Casa Fiesta. Gotta love Mexican. I swear they must have put crack in the chips and salsa. I could have just eaten them. Afterwards I went home to watch some movies. I ended up watching 2 movies and the ends of 2 other that I had been meaning to finish. One was "The Last Samurai." All while working on my D20 Modern minis. I have over 50 I need to work on. Ugh.