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Monday, January 10, 2005

Quality Time - part 2

We get off at the Hamburg exit wear Old Navy, S&K Menswear, and Victoria's Secret are located. I needed to go to Old Navy to exchange a fleece pullover my sister got me for Christmas. I got a nice polo instead. Let me tell ya if you get anybody anything at Old Navy get a gift receipt since everything always goes on sale you never know what the person paid for it. You could be getting shafted with a sale price on a return when that person paid full price. At S&K I had to get my suits re-altered. My parents bought them for me for a wedding reception I had to go to. I never tried them on before I took them home because there wouldn't have been enough time to fix them anyway. Good thing I had car trouble and couldn't make it. I would have been pissed off that things weren't right. The sleeves in the jacket were still too long and the slacks weren't right either. In the other suit the sleeves weren't as bad and the pants were right, but the suit sat on my body like a moo-moo. They ended up having to take in the center seam and sides of the jacket. My father loves that place but I'm beginning to wonder. Service means a lot to me. Now Victoria's Secret, I promised a friend I would pick something out for her there for Christmas. I told her she should be honored that I am doing this since I told myself no more of this shit. I spent so much money there on my ex-GF. I could have fed a small third world country. My brother said see that. It was some thong with feathers sticking out the back. He said, "That's what that little girl was looking at when Tyler and I walked by Vickie's in the mall." I said, "What I thought you said some old lady." I'm not going to front and old lady for wanting to get her freak on but a little girl . Come on people. No little girl should be wearing Victoria's Secret underwear until she is at least sixteen.

Done with Hamburg we head over to Harrodsburg Road were the Rusty Scabbard is located. Here is a local game shop that has been around for twenty years. It's not my home when I come to Lexington but it's the only place to get Games Workshop stuff. I use their bases to make my minis for D20 Modern. Then we head over to A+ Comics and Collectibles which is my home in Lex to pick up my comics. Well lookie there my Arcee statue has come in. Arcee is the female Autobot from the movie. Definitely looked sharp, but I wasn't looking at paying it in full that day. Oh well.

Now it's off to Best Buy the real reason we made this trip to Lexington. First, we stop off at Fazoli's for a bite to eat. My brother says he wants baked ziti. I said, "How much is that?" He says, "Four seventy-nine." "What! Your sorry ass needs to get the small spaghetti if I'm paying for this." We settled on a small classic ziti. Mmmm. I love fazoli's. How can you go wrong with Italian food.

Best Buy is uneventful other than I parked behind the building, so my brother was bitching about the walk. It makes it a lot easier to get out of the place for sure. It is always so crazy there. We walk in and there is this really cool collector's set for the Matrix Trilogy. I so would have loved that but I already had the three movies and the Animatrix. It just would have been a waste. I had convinced my brother to give me his $20 gift card in place of the $25 he owed me from a couple of months ago. I purchased the Director's Cut of Hellboy and ID4. I got to watch them on Sunday not necessarily worth the extra money but cool none-the-less. I have yet to sit down and watch one of my movies with Director and other cast commentary turned on. Just can never find the time. I hear any one of Kevin Smith's movies are too funny. I got to check out the Apple Photo iPod that I will get for free if I get ten people to sign up for offers.

We head home. On the way out of town we stop at Mona's place to pick up my watch that I left there New Year's. Melissa answered the door and it was 3:30 in the afternoon and she was still in her PJs. What a lazy bitch. Didn't even invite us in.

*** more to come ***