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Monday, January 17, 2005

Party Like a Rock Star

Now that the caffeine is coursing through my veins, let's talk about this weekend. Lil' Tex told me about a party that another fraternity brother was having. It was good to catch up with some brothers I hadn't seen for awhile. I tell ya though college women keep getting hotter and hotter. I stood in the kitchen and guarded the keg, refilling the cups for the ladies. I chit-chatted with my little brother, who is on Law School, and this chick I have the hots for, Jenny. I was taking it easy since I was going out on Saturday too. I provide I still had it in me and showed all the youngins that the Master can still do a Keg Stand. We finished up the evening at the local burger joint, Tolly-Ho. Or just simply called The Hoe. If it's your first time there someone will let the staff know. See the shout out your name when your food is ready. Everyone makes up names late at night, the crazier the better. But if it's first time you get, "Such-and-such is a Hoe Virgin," and they ring a bell. Everyone hoots and hollers. Plenty fun when you are drunk.

Saturday I was going out for a friend's birthday. Before going out we went to Tomo's, a Japanese restaurant. They have really good entrees but their sushi lacks a little. But then I am spoiled, I have eaten at Morimoto's in Philly. Overall Tomo's is decent, but there are just better places, IMO, in Lexington to get sushi and that atmosphere. But it's walking distance to the Blue Moon. We get to The Moon early to get a prime table. If not we would be standing the rest of the night. Coat checked it was time to Rock & Roll. I didn't get to dance much I was too busy catching up with friends. Somehow I made it out of there with only a $15.00 bar tab. Sweetness. For some reason I was OK to drive, so Jason, his girlfriends, and I rolled to Waffle House. Who doesn't know that? The brief inconvenience of driving drunk people around is that they pay for breakfast. Double sweetness.

We go back to Jason's. We weren't ready to call it a night. We slam a few Jager Bomb's and the three of us watch some soft porn on Showtime. Jason loves to show me porn in High Def. It is mighty nice on a 51" widesreen. Not too long after that my fraternity big brother, Goose, comes home and we go outside to throw darts. I think we added a few more holes into the drywall. Jason's neighbor, Tracy, came over. I never met someone that such a hoe-bag as she is. She is mean as I snake and you tell she starts to have diarrhea at the mouth. After another beer, I was ready for bed. I flipped on G-String Divas on HBO and passed out.