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Friday, January 28, 2005

Let Me Hear Your Battle Cry

The tradition has started. Those of us who work at EDS in Winchester, KY are gathering at the Paddy Wagon Irish Pub to complete our Beer Cards. Anyone who would like to join us on Thursday nights is more than welcome too. The Emperor should be with us next week since he is moving up to the Richmond area from BFE.

I was talking to my friend blinkingbeauty about how lately I have been a magnet for shitty food service. There was the server arguing with me about a tab. Last sunday my parents took me out to dinner for my birthday and we all didn't get our food at the same time and my brother's was cold. My roommate,Dave, and I had to wait about 5+ minutes for someone at the Mexican retaruant to get our drink orders. We ate all of our chips before someone came. Then last night at Paddy Wagon our server wasn't as attentive to our needs as she should have been.

It was nice that Kristi, our server, remembered that we had been there. Paddy Wagon seemed to have had a slighty larger crown than last week. Our poor server was run ragged and in particular our progression of alcohol suffered. Dave and I had to wait after we finished our beer to order another one. Jerry showed up a little later and once he ordered his beer had to wait 5+ minutes to get it. Kristi realized that she never stopped back by and said, "I just bought that one." See fucker at Shamrock's that how you make up for being a dumbass. Hell we even had to wait to pay for our tabs. Kristi stopped to talk to us and introduced herself. That's how I know her name now. Cute girl too. I told her I don't think it's her fault and explained the odd karma I have been having. Kristi we had a great night.

I took another quiz. I think this one is fitting for the next time I'm drinking.

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