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Friday, January 14, 2005

Keys to the Kingdom

My boy Lil'Tex called me last night looking to see if he could come down to Richmond and pre-drink at my place before heading out to Hurricanes. "Dude you don't even have to ask. Just let me know you are coming." He rolls down with his roommate and Superman. Yes that is his Christian name. They do their drinking while I get ready. I had just gotten back from a meeting.

I don't live to far from downtown to we are there in quick as lightning speed. I excuse myself to 21&Up section. I purchase a Jager Bomb. Yummy. Better if you can drop the Jager in the Red Bull like a Boiler Maker. I stoke back over to the dance floor to find my peeps.

Supe being the true player that he is glides down to the dance floor and the ladies flock to him. Tex plays it cool and approaches a lady on the floor. Asks her to dance and is in like Flynn. I tell ya this kid was a smooth operator all night. When the two of them needed a break, he took her to the far end of the bar and was quite chatty with her. He got the digits and invited her to another party tonight.

As for myself the scenery was nice and potential was bountiful but I was there to make sure my boys enjoyed themselves in my kingdom. Big Papa surveyed his PIMPdom and it was good.