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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Fuck Me Running

Grab the lube people, I'm ranting. I told myself I wouldn't comment on the tsunami disaster. I think it's a tragedy and relief should be given. I have a desire to keep my blog free of any political edges. It seems to incite peoples emotions. I feel it's my duty to come to the defensive of the Reverend Dubya and The Church of Dysfucntion. On his blog he posted his feelings on the tsunami and how the world views the US meddling in foreign affairs. Many agree and many disagree. I happen to agree that I think the US should stop begin Big Brother and take care of it's own people. We send millions of tons of food to starving countries but we have starving people here too.

Everyone that has a blog wants to share a bit about themselves to the rest of cyberspace. Let's be nice and not attack each other. The Internet is the frontier of tolerance among all races, creeds, religion, and shapes. If you agree, comment why you agree. If you disagree, comment with a rebuttal. Don't post something to this effect, "Educate yourself then write a blog. Then email me and maybe I’ll read your babble again." It plainly makes you look ignorant.

I am reminded that everyone has two things they can call their own: an asshole and an opinion. Some people just don't know how to use either right.