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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

American Pie Moment

I shall strive to delve deeper into my moments of sexual frustration.

Since my roommate and I carpool to work we usually take lunch at the same time to facility each other’s lazy asses not having to walk anywhere. Now as of late EDS has been employing some rather attractive women. One of these said hotties was walking down the walkway between cubes. I proceeded to hump the cubical wall as Mini-me did in Austin Powers. It was so feverish that I knocked over Deacon Peck's pop cap tower. I apologized and walked out the door.

Dave out of the blue said Arby's for lunch. I was like sure thing I like Arby's. Usually we go to the same places every week. Lunch was unspectacular but I was still hungry, so I went up to the counter and purchased a Cherry Turnover. I sat down and took a little bite just to make sure it wasn't too hot. Then another. I looked at my roommate, "Ah, warm and flaky." "Look at this thing. It looks like a pussy." There my cherry turnover became and object of lust. I had eaten about half of it and the top of the triangle was still there. Looked like an engorged clit. The flaky crust looked like the folds of the labia. It even had a warm pink gooey center.

I ate more. Some of the filling was oozing out. I took my finger and just dabbed that up. Yummy. Every moment was ecstasy. A pastry never tasted so good.

Would a woman please rescue me?