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Monday, December 20, 2004

When to Hold 'Em & When to Fold 'Em

Saturday I drove an hour and half to Bardstown, KY. A little town that has much history in the state of KY. I went there to see one of my fraternity brothers, Dennis, who I don't to see all that often. He and his new wife, Shelly, where graciously hosting a $20 buy-in Texas Hold 'Em tournament.

I was feeling pretty lucky that day because previous at the Shop I won a HeroClix tournament that I had no right really playing in. I was just there to participate to get a free Aunt May bystander token for a buddy at work. Then I won the D&D Minis tournament and my booster pull was a Huge Gold Dragon. A $35 figure. w00t!

KY is a great state. There is so much to see, but its not a small state by any means; which means driving. I hate to drive or ride for that matter. Beam me up, Mr Scott? The forcast for the weekend was supposed to be rain and then snow. I only hit patches of rain on the way down there. Just a sight side rant: MapQuest blows for directions sometimes.

I arrive after getting turned around a couple times with my good buddies greeting me at the door. It was good to be someplace work. I wasn't able to go to the housewarming party, so I hadn't seen Dennis's new place yet. I got the grand tour. Nice place. As a Maker's Mark ambassador, I was very impressed with a fellow ambassador's collection. Mind you this is Shelly that has put this fine collection together. I was very impressed and hope one day my collection is half as impressive. We went outside to the garage to have a smoke and show me where we were going to be playing. It was warm out there. Dennis had purchased a propane heater and man was it toasty. It was perfect. We could smoke, spill beer, and even throw peanuts on the floor. We went back inside to nibble on a few munchies that Shelly and my fraternity brother Jason's girlfriend, Elizabeth, slaved making. Maybe I exaggerated a bit, but it was delicious none-the-less.

We get started and break down into two tables of seven people. Starting out the deals go slow as everone is getting into the swing of things. One funny moment was when Jason got pissed off because he won a deal when everyone fold cause he bet too large and Elizabeth told everyone what his hand was. He was bluffing. Then the excitment got going when Dan, a friend of Dennis that I ment that night, went All-In. He had a Pocket Pair but didn't have anything after all the cards were shown. Our first victim of the evening. Shelly as the awesome hostess that she was awarded Dan with a door prize. I got luck on the River a couple hands to bring me into at least third place at my table. Top 3 from each table played another game with their chips reset. All I had to do was play conservatively and I would probally at least get my money back. But no. Since I was pretty big on chips and the other leaders weren't too far ahead of me, I decided to play my Six/Nine, Off Suit. On the Flop I had a pair. I bet and my big brother, Goose, calls me. OK maybe he is starting to bluff. This kid is stone cold. It's hard to read him. Forth Street comes and its another six. Now I have 3 of a Kind. Goose checks and I bet big and he calls me again. The River comes and it's another Queen now I have a Full House. The Goose checks and I go All-In. The cards are turned and the fucker had a Full House too. Queens over Sixes. I should have known when he called me after the Flop at that point he had a pair of Queens. Like I said all night after that, "The Goose doesn't bluff."

I was out and went inside for more food. I got into a game called Left, Right, Center. Played that for a few rounds and won a few dollars. Very cool game look for it at your Local Game Shop.

The real fun started after Dennis was put out on a bad beat. We didn't hear the end of it all night. It's Poker man, sometimes Lady Luck smiles on other people even when the hand is in your favor. Now Beer Pong could begin. If you don't know what Beer Pong you are missing out. I'm not going to explain it because every place has a different sent of rules but it's all basically the same. You toss a ping pong ball into a cup and the other team has to drink. I suck at Beer Pong but it's a great way to get drunk. It's a blast. Dennis teams up with Jason and I team up with my other fraternity brother Dustin. We lost but held them to 2 cups. The Beer Pong Dream Machine of Dennis and Jason went undefeated for 5 games. At this point they had a good buzz. The were in their final game of the evening. The opposing team mounted a decent lead but our boys were able to make a comeback. Both teams were down to their final cups. After many attempts the opposing team sinks their ball. The Dream Team had finally been defeated.

The Dream Team was pissed. Now what is funny about this is that Elizabeth was ready for bed but Jason wanted a rematch. What did she do. She made Jason take two Jager Bombs back to back, and he was gone. We put Jason to bed but somehow he wondered out of the bedroom and in true Huber fashion he strolled out with his ass hanging out of his boxers. Though much hooting and hollering we put him back to bed and he passed out.

The tournament was over and the Dream Team unseated, everyone either went home or went to bed. In the morning we were greeted with some gorgeous white powder on the roofs and lawns. Once again I have to thank you Dennis and Shelly for a wonderful evening.