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Monday, December 27, 2004

What Did You Get?

Well people Christmas is over. I'm bloated from all the cookies I ate. On to what really matters, "What did Santa get you for Christmas?"

As I had asked. I got several DVDs. Two Towers extended, Return of the King extended, and The Soprano's: season 4. I'm a hog in heaven getting to finally watch Season 4. I only caught the first couple of episodes before I broke up with my ex-girlfriend. At least one good think about that break up was that I made her pay for HBO.

My mother got me some placemats for my kitchen table and a candle. Now she didn't get me anything to put that candle in. What's up with that?

My father got me the really cool Cross ION pen. The pen tip extracts from the barrel by pulling it apart. I thought these pens were really cool, but not for $25.00.

As my mother does every year for my brother and I, a Christmas Tree ornament. This year's was made by a lady in our church. A hand painted mini gourd.

Now on for the grand finale. I got a fucking toothbrush. It seems in addition to the ornament my mother must find it amusing to get me something completely uncool for Christmas.