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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

WeatherBug, Damn You

This can mark: Stupid People - part 2.

Argh, WeatherBug can eat my ass. There are several things at work that really chafe my ass. One of them is having to fix mFieldworks. This thing is a beast. What program out there do you have to delete icons off the Desktop for a clean uninstall. Then it takes 3 different "installs" to get it to completely install. And then the fucker doesn't always work.

But anyway. I got this Fucktard on the phone. {For those scratching his/her head. I have the unique ability to invent new colorful metaphors as Spock from StarTrek 4 would call them. Fucktard is a fucking retarded idiot. End moment.} He needs mFieldworks fixed. I'm like great; I'm going to be on the phone for 45 minutes. It took me like 30 just to uninstall the damn thing. Important is the fact that this guy needed to have his WeatherBug. I'm thinking, "Dude you ever heard of weather dot com?" WeatherBug used to be this great program that installed a little SysTray icon that just displayed the current temperature. You click on the icon and get it would give you all kinds of up-to-date weather info. NOW this thing has turned into this monstrosity of advertisement bullshit and spyware.

I beg you people get rid of WeatherBug and install the Weatherfox extension for Firefox.