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Friday, December 03, 2004

Unit Commissioner

I am a Unit Commissioner for the Boy Scouts of America. What that entails is begin a liason between the units in my District and the Council. My responsibilities include ensuring the health of each one of my units with regular contact and identify issues as they arise and faciliting proper action. That's the fun part the real work comes when it's time for the unit to recharter. I have to hand deliver the recharter packet, which is one of those regular contacts. Then later I have to schedule a meeting with the Unit Leader to ensure that everything is filled our properly and hopefully sign off on the unit's Quality Unit award. All of this ensures that the professional scouters in the Council get paid and BSA as a whole is healthy.

As an Eagle Scout, I am very proud to be a Unit Commissioner. Did you know that only 2% of every boy that enters Scouting obtains the rank of Eagle Scout. It's a great accomplishment. One of the missions an Eagle Scout is given is to give back to Scouting. What better way than being a Unit Commissioner. Hopefully, someday I'll have helped to make that 2%, 3%.