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Friday, December 10, 2004

Trilogy complete

I made it to the movie theater last night and say Blade: Trinity with my brother. I was really excited when I first saw an unedited preview of the "rescue" scene from a message board. Did some further research and found out that the guy who penned the first two scripts, David S. Goyer, was going to be directing. After that tidbit expections ran higher. Here is the guy that wrote the first two movies finally gets to bring his vision to realization. If you check out IMDb Goyer doesn't have a rich list of credits under his belt. This is only the second movie he has ever directed, so this could be awesome or flop real bad. I have a feeling Blade: Trinity will springboard Goyer's career as a director. I was impressed with the overall presentation of the movie. Moving on to the analysis of its parts.

Ryan Reynolds. Love this guy. I was hoping that he would be a bad ass sidekick for Blade and leave behind his goofiness from Van Wilder. I was wrong and let me tell ya I'm glad Reynold's character, Hannibal King, kept that Van Wilder tongue-in-cheek antagonistic dialogue. Reynolds will probally be type-casted from now on as that kind of actor but damn is his presentation good.

Jessica Biel.

Nuff Said.

Triple H. Several people I know weren't too impressed that another WWE star was trying to make a legitimate acting career. Triple H has presense. Although, I had to agree that he could quite possibly make this movie suck ass. They made him a patsy and it was great. No fan can complain that his character was a pussy.

Parker Possey. She plays a bitch so well and her performance was top-notch.

Visual Styling. I loved the time elapse photography they did in the first movie. So more of that is always good.

The only thing that I didn't like about the movie was that they didn't go in depth into the explanation as to why the vampires where trying to find Drake. It's fairly obvious, but I liked those token bits from the other two movies. Like I said as a whole go see this movie. It makes a great final chapter to this trilogy.