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Friday, December 17, 2004

Stupid People - part 1

Well this is part 1 since undoubtly I will comment again and again about the stupid people I have to support at my job.

It's the holiday season and lots of people around the US are using up that vacation time their employers have so graciously provided them. That hopefully sounded a bit sarcastic since I work at EDS as a Kelly Services contracted employee. This means I don't get vacation time. Anyways the influx of employees on vacation is no different at Nextel.

I called a lady up that was having an issue with her VPN. VPN is a means to dial up from home to access a corporate network. She mentioned that she had to run downstairs to get in front of the computer. I asked, "Are you in a Nextel office?" She says, "No. I'm on vacation until the end of the year." I explain, "You will have to come into the office for me to do any kind of additional troubleshooting." She proceeds to throw a fit.

Here I'm thinking, "Why the fuck are you working while you're on vacation?" I thought vacation was a courtesy of the employer to let the employee have some personal time. Why would you waste that valuable vacation time just to work from home. And you know this is not the first time I have encountered this with Nextel employees. I took several philiosophy classes in college. Several of which were logic courses. I guess people just don't think anymore. That or Nextel brainwashes their employees.

Now to take the normal digression my thought process goes down. Another thing that kicks me in the balls with these Nextel people is that they always bitch about having to come into the office. I'm a Remote Desktop agent which means that I have to connect to the computer to be able to assist the employee. They don't seem to get that if VPN isn't working then they aren't connected to the network. Which means I can't remote into the computer.

Stupid People. Look for future installments.