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Monday, December 06, 2004

The Puck Drops at Midnight

The place to be on Friday and Saturday nights is at the University of Kentucky's Hockey games. UK has just has a club team, but it is some of the best entertainment in town. The games are at Midnight. No Kidding. Everyone gets drunk beforehand. Be warned. No one likes a belligerent drunk, so show up and be in a jovial mood. You're at a hockey game were grown men kick the shit out of each other.

Friday night was no exception. Two of my fraternity brothers and I got together to do some pre-drinking at our friend Jenny's house. I was DD for the evening. I watched on as they washed away the cares of the semester until the morning when they had to start studying. Sometimes it's a good thing to have graduated. We got to the Lexington Ice Center early. As you should, it's always a capacity crowd. Found out seats.

Most of the First Period wasn't that enjoyable since Illinois was up 4 goals. The energy of the fans was starting to brew. Illinois's goalie recieved penality minutes for shoving one of out players and one of player got hooked in the nuts.

The second period wasn't much better. Illinois had an extremely fast player who was tiny. We will get more into that later. I think visting teams know about the intensity of the crowd, so they try to rough up the players to break their spirits. Hell one Illinois player attempted to slash one of out guys so bad he broke his stick. That got the crowd pissed.

Third period rolls around and ppl are going home because its getting late. I move up to the class to get a better spot. Towards the end of the second peroid I start calling the little fast guy a Midget. Everyone loves it. I continue to heckle him. He gets a penility and I should out, "Put that fucking Midget in his box!" The crowd goes crazy. The team is revilized and we start scoring goals. Now the hecking turns to, "Kick the Midget in the nuts!" Again the crowd roars. Now here is the thing that took me off guard. I took a puck in the chest. Some could say it was deliberate by Illinois because Number 3 was looking right at me. Lil' Tex looked at me and said, "You are da man, taking one for the team." It didn't stop me, "Put your fucking Midget in, so I can kick his ass!" The Midget was in and I belted something at him, I was inventing shit by this time. He looked and me and got cross checked like a bitch. Later our Captain got fed up with Illinois shit and took his gloves and mask off and went over the top of the Refs to waylay on the Illinois player. Both of them got ejected and the crowd loved it. Way to go Hoss.

UK ended up losing 8 to 4 but we had a blast. What a way to end the semster. When we were exiting everyone was shouting, "Fuck the Midget!" and making sure I was OK. See everyone next year.