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Friday, December 10, 2004

Psychopath, maybe?

Here is a bit of behavior for my readership to analyze. I was chatting to my brother this morning on AIM and he is freaking out. This is not good since finals are coming up next week. He says that his ex-GF might be pregnant. She is two months late but has taken two pregnacy test. Both are negative. Now in my mind I'm trying to recontruct events of the past two month because things were not quite clicking in my head. About two month ago I had gone over to his dorm because he said they were setting up a Slip-N-Slide. I wasn't going to miss that fun but I did. Regardless, I end up getting drunk and making out with this RA that my brother had been getting regular blow jobs from. Gentleman, whiskey dick is a horrible thing. Point being, my brother didn't fuck her two months ago. It gets better though. A couple days after that weekend I went over to the dorm to watch "Real World." She off the cuff mentioned that whe was on the rag. OK. Moving on about a month later she moves out of the dorm and into an apartment. I go over there to drop some beer off to my brother. Once again she mentions that, "We better have sex tonight, I start my period tomorrow." Here we have two instanced where this girl mentions she has been visited by what I like to call, "Captain Estrogen."

I would think that if I was two month late for my period I would be calling home to my mother crying. Then after I became rational I would go to the doctor to make sure that I was pregnant or not. Female readers please comment on this because this is purely male speculation.

Bottom line. I said to my brother, "I give better odd to an Emaculate Conception."