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Thursday, December 16, 2004


For those who don't know this is Archbishop Don Magic Juan, a former pimp. I recall when I first saw this character. He was on the Howard Stern Show conversing with Howard about his days as pimp. Bring in the money and managing the hoes. Look at this guy he is the iconic pimp of every generation. Ghetto fabulous to the max.

Now many people in cyberspace know me as the PIMP. I consider myself a stylized modern-day pimp. Now what does that mean, you ask. I like to think that I dress myself well. Not metro-sexual or anything but fashionably. I love women and like to surround myself with their sensuality. No matter the package. I love to party and need to make sure other people are having a wonderful time.

For me P.I.M.P. is an attitude. The way you present yourself to your peers. Unabashed and unashamed. Rock out with your cock out. Hang out with your wang out. Party like a rock star.