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Friday, December 03, 2004

Patience Grasshopper

Last night, I was calling around to see who wanted to go with me and one of my fraternity brothers to the UK Hockey game tonight. I called one of my brothers female friends and of course she wanted to go. She then asked me what I was doing. I said, "I have a meeting to go to but after that I'm free." She says, "We are drinking in my room, you should come on over." Who is going to pass up drinking with young, nubile women? Not me, my friend. Naturally, I went.

I rolled up and Arbanna checked me in. Let me tell ya, she was looking hot too. We take the elevator up to the 10 floor along the way, another chick gets one. She gets off on the 9th floor. Arbanna comments that someone is getting some. I laugh my ass off. Arbanna's boyfriend enlisted in the Marines (I think), so we'll just say that she is a little frustrated. The one piece of advise I can give young college students is live hard and independent while in college. Don't let a relationship tie you down. Back to the goodness of my evening. I enter the room and everyone is like, "It's Mike, give me a hug!" I'm a god to these women. The hugs and kisses are dispersed and I hit the fridge for the beer. We drank and smoked and drank and smoked some more. My brother came up during a break from studying. What did the kid do, but grab the first thing in the fridge that was food. Tara said her mom made the cheese tortellini homemade. It was orgasmic, I should have brought a change of underwear. It was damn good, people. I asked Tara if her mom taught her everything she knew. She said yes. I would so marry that girl. Needless-to-say the evening was a blast. I drank my fill and said my goodbyes. Arbanna checked me out, and I went home a slept like a baby. To do it all again tonight before the hockey game.

Arbanna, Misti, and Tara - I love you guys.