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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Old Toys Rediscovered

It's an awesome feeling when you dig out an old toy from the pile of crap that has buired it. It's like finding a lost treasure.

That has happened to me the other day. I had been meaning to get a replacement backup battery for my Dell Axim PDA. With increased responsibilities of a Unit Commissioner, I need something to keep my life organized. Emperor Joe brought in his iPAQ and even the Reverend had his. I wouldn't be left out of the cool kid's circle at work. I got that bad boy out and working in superb fashion. Joe and I have been "beaming" themes back and forth to each other. PocketPC Themes has some great ones.

The Reverend was gracious enough to bring in an extra screen protector for me. It is very cool. Keeps the screen from getting those stylus scratches. Scratchy porn is such a waste.

The next stage of PDA pimpdom is to get a WiFi CompactFlash network card, so I can spoof all those open wireless networks in my neighborhood.

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