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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Life of Blah

Today has been pretty blah. I have been surfing other blogs from BlogExplosion. I tend to only read the ones that look visually appealing. If it's got a crappy layout, I'm not going to bother reading it. I picked up on a few. One guy was going into the semantics of BlogExplosion. How it really doesn't increase your readership just your hit count. I hope by signing up some people find my spot in cyberspace interesting. I don't care about hit count, so I don't have a counter on my page. I just wanted to find some other interesting blogs to read. Alternatively, someone else was ranting about ranters getting pissed off at the blogs people have. To each his/her own, but geez is there some crap out there. Keep on blogging people.

Moving on...
It never ceases to be amazing the wonderful stuff you can find on the internet. It will always brighten you day. Like this bit of goodness.

Polictical propaganda can be so much fun. Even if it's against your position.

Well the rest of my week is more of the usual. I have several appointments with Cub Masters to get the final paperwork for their Charter Renewal finished. Some of my first work as a Unit Commissioner. All very exciting. Most people just laugh when I say I'm still involved in Scouting. Please refer to my previous post on being a commissioner.

Thursday is going to be exciting. My fraternity brother, Lil" Tex, is coming to Richmond and we are going to go out to the club. The two of us always have a great time.