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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Dysfunctional Family

** WARNING - this post is going to ramble **

When I was growing up I thought I had the most perfect family. Boy was I wrong. I had a mom and a dad, a dog, and even a sibling. What is interesting is I never thought it was odd that my sister only visited like once a month. I had a sister but never had to deal with all the sibling rivalry crap. She was my half sister and lived with her mother. It was the coolest thing. I always looked forwarded to when my Sis would come visit. Then my brother was born and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. I loved to feed him. Babies must not be born with taste buds because formula taste like seepage from a garbage dump.

Another odd thing about growing up in my house was this painting that hung in the downstairs bathroom. It was a very abstract-like picture of a woman taking a shit. It even had siggley lines near the woman's backside that I just assumed were her turds. It gets better. She is naked while doing this private act. I can't say that this painting screwed up my life but it speculates what was going through my parents' mind. I always felt a bit sheepish when I went into the bathroom. Now the painting hangs in my apartment hallway.

My family moved to KY because my father found a better paying job in 1989. As we all know many families relocated during the mid to late 80s due to the economic conditions of the US. My circle of friends was the top dogs and I was ripped away from all of that. I hated my parents so much for that grief. I will have to say that I so glad I got to spent the rest of my years growing up in KY.

Remember that little brother that I was so keen on? Well I started my teenage years. I'll leave it at that. I would have to say that I got him back. While he was the big swinging dick in high school he had to live with this big brother living at home. Now that he is in college we have a better relationship. We are like two bother growing up, fighting and but still friends that can hang out. And when I have had enough of him I can just go home to my place.

Finally what really prompted this post is the simple fact that I'm older and well a tad more educated so that I can now spot actual forms of dysfunction instead of merely speculating. For example the hilarity when my brother immates my mother's hand gestures when she is going into a tisey about something. My brother tells my mother, "Get a grip." My mother fires back, "I'll get a grip." It some quality entertainment to watch those two. They both get quite spastic. Now that you have gained a little more insight into my past post some of you dysfuntional family stories.