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Monday, December 13, 2004

Christmas Tree

I was over at Yano's bit of the web reading about how she and her husband are deciding on a tradition for their Christmas Tree. Made me think about some of my own traditions. When I lived in PA my family always had a real tree sitting on top of a platform with a model train. It was always my responsibility to water the tree and I loved doing it. When the family moved to KY my mother made the executative decision to get a fake tree. Fake tree ment no more setting up the platform and our Lionel trains. We have tried with our G scale trains, but they are more suited for the outdoors than carpet. Now that my grandfather has passed away there isn't a time that a train that goes by that I don't get teary-eyed.

My mother has been collecting ornaments for my brother and I that way he and I don't have a bare tree when we start a family. She has been doing it for several years now. I also have several ornaments as Christmas gifts from WizKids Games. These are thank yous from WizKids to their Envoys, those people that organize events for them at the local level. Now that I have moved out of my parent's house I think it's time I have a tree of my own. I'm thinking a little fake tree with blue and white lights. I have a small HO train set my grandparents got me in England. And those ornaments. I have a feeling it's going to be like that Charlie Brown's Christmas twig with the ball on top. The poor branches won't know what to do. hehe.