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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Let me tell you there is not much that really grates on my last nerve but this girl that lives near me has done it. Before my old roommate moved out she would always come over and talk to him well after 11. I would sit and listen some nights and interject a little comedy. When it was time for bed I would just leave and go down stairs. Now that my old roommate has moved out she now comes over and wants to talk to me for hours. I really didn't care all that much at this point because I tought she was attractive and wouldn't mind a piece.

Last night was the straw that broke the camels back. She always comes over rings the door bell and just barges in. Which let me tell ya even though I know her pisses me off. It's rude. I have even tried to explain this to her. Now she is one of these girls that wants to talk your ear off. I don't watch a great deal of TV but if I'm watching it I'm wanting to watch it. She came in and just sat down on my couch between my new roommate and myself. My new roomate has only been moved in for a couple of weeks. I pointed at the TV and said, "Watching TV." Then her cell phone rings and she prceeds to answer it. Didn't excuse herself. Just started blabbing right there. WTF! After she gets off the phone, she wants to tell me about her day and I said, "Watching TV." While pointing at the TV. Seeing if she would get a clue. Nope. After a little bit more of telling her I'm watching TV, she got up and left. A bit pissed off too. Good. Maybe she won't bother me anymore.