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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Monster Garage

I was hyped to watch Monster Garage last night, all-girl build team. What a disappointment. All the Build Team had to do was convert a Camaro into a dirt-track racer. How boring is that? Nothing was being turned into something else, like a limo into a fire truck. That is most definately my favorite episode. Hell during the interviews one of the girls said she never watched the show. Why in the hell did she apply for the show? Probally just wanted the free tools. Bitch.

Ultimately, it had a great ending. The team failed and Jesse turned the Camaro into rebar.

On a side note, the one hottie on the Build Team, a production assistant for Monster Garage, now has a full-time job at West Coast Choppers. My hat is off to you, Jesse, for hiring that fine piece of ass.