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Monday, November 22, 2004

It's better to be Pissed Off then Pissed On

Every Sunday I have one of my weekly D&D session. In this game I play a Dwarven Paladin. Almost a bit of a contradiction in itself, but Viktor is sure fun to play. In the previous session, the group uncovered a secret underground lab where cleric of an evil god are creating an army of undead. We cleaned out most of the lab and almost killed a vampire that we thought was in league with the clerics. At the begin of this session last Sunday, the party discovered that in addition to the vampire we almost destroyed there is a master vampire imprisioned in the lab forced to help the clerics. He confronted the party requesting help to escape and in turn would provide our freedom the dungeon. My character and the Cleric of Pelor (sun god, chief god of goodly races) were not to happy to cooperate with this vampire but we relented. The party entered into the master vampire's crypt and I proceeded to climb ontop of his coffin and urinate all over it. The Vampire was none too happy about this and it came to blows. Suprisingly, we dispatched the vampires. Upon chopping the head of the master vampire and staking him, I pronouced, (and to quote a famous song), "I told you once you son of a bitch, I'm the best there ever was."