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Monday, November 29, 2004

Guilty Pleasure

Canadian Teen Melodramas. Oh how I love them.
Now y'all are probally wondering what the hell I'm talking about? None other than Degrassi: The Next Generation and Radio Free Roscoe on cable TV's The N, the prime-time segment of Noggin. And well duh these shows are produced in Canada. It seem that the US can only produce mind-aching, kiddie cartoon dribble. Degrassi and RFR are from the same lot as shows like Saved By The Bell and other 80's after school specials. What makes these shows special and really stand out is the simple fact that they deal with issues that teens deal with in the new Millennium. And they have great melodrama.

So be sure to check out Degrassi and RFR every Friday night starting @ 8:00PM on The N.