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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Monster Garage

I was hyped to watch Monster Garage last night, all-girl build team. What a disappointment. All the Build Team had to do was convert a Camaro into a dirt-track racer. How boring is that? Nothing was being turned into something else, like a limo into a fire truck. That is most definately my favorite episode. Hell during the interviews one of the girls said she never watched the show. Why in the hell did she apply for the show? Probally just wanted the free tools. Bitch.

Ultimately, it had a great ending. The team failed and Jesse turned the Camaro into rebar.

On a side note, the one hottie on the Build Team, a production assistant for Monster Garage, now has a full-time job at West Coast Choppers. My hat is off to you, Jesse, for hiring that fine piece of ass.


I had a dream last night. Most of the time I don't remember them at all, but this one is still pretty vivid in my mind. Since there is a lot of psychological work done in the analyse of dreams, have a crack at this one.

I'm at work, and I'm trying to smooze with one of my managers, who I happen to think is attractive. And the long of the short of it is that I act like a mentally handicapped person to get her in bed. It works and I'm banging the dog shit out of her.

Then I woke up.

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things You're Thankful For

1) Friends & Family, duh
2) My Grandmother's White Cookies
3) Stargate SG-1
4) Miniature wargames
5) Internet
6) Beer
7) Regular sessions of D&D
8) Decent paying job
9) Firefox web browser
10) Hersey's chocolate

Monday, November 29, 2004

Guilty Pleasure

Canadian Teen Melodramas. Oh how I love them.
Now y'all are probally wondering what the hell I'm talking about? None other than Degrassi: The Next Generation and Radio Free Roscoe on cable TV's The N, the prime-time segment of Noggin. And well duh these shows are produced in Canada. It seem that the US can only produce mind-aching, kiddie cartoon dribble. Degrassi and RFR are from the same lot as shows like Saved By The Bell and other 80's after school specials. What makes these shows special and really stand out is the simple fact that they deal with issues that teens deal with in the new Millennium. And they have great melodrama.

So be sure to check out Degrassi and RFR every Friday night starting @ 8:00PM on The N.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Turkey Day

It's Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for? Me? Just about anything. I can't complain. I'm stuck at work today and tomorrow. I volunteered, so that some of my co-workers can spend the entire holiday with their families. My parents and my brother are traveling home to PA to see our extended family. To be honest I hate making the trip home. Riding in a car for 10.5 hours just sucks. I have grown up enough that seeing my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins isn't all that special. But I hate not seeing my two nephews, they hardly know who I am. Hurray, I get to miss out on dinner with my Dad's sister. I love my Aunt Janice and Uncle Jeff. But, my uncle is Jewish and his side of the family epitomizes the Jewish stereotype. They drive me nuts. Regardless I get turkey dinner because some friends of the family invited me over for dinner. One of their sons has to work late today too. Turkey is so much better than whatever I can find in my parents house to heat up, and I'll probally get leftovers to take home. So on this Thanksgiving be sure to have fun and thankful for friends and family. I have sure had a blast hanging out with my co-workers watching movies and playing card games.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Jason Burr - World Famous

Follow this link to the blog my buddy, Stephen, setup for his son. It's the coolest thing ever. He posts to the blog as if he is his son. What a way to cronicle the life of a young one. I'm so gonna do this for my kids.

Mel Miller Rocks

I love RPGs. Many people don't understand the facination with them. I had a friend plainly put it as part storytelling, part acting. Thats what I love. For a short time you can be someone else. One thing that irks me though is my lack of artistic talent. Every character sheet has a spot for you to sketch what your character looks like, but I lack the ability to even draw a stick figure. In frustrates me to no end not being able to bring concreteness to my vision. With the internet you can find many capable artists that are more than willing to help you out. I would like to feature one such artist, Mel Miller. She graciously rendered my barbarian in superb fashion. The details in his pimpin' lion hide coat to his great waraxe made of living ice are amazing. Thanks Mel, you're the best.

Dream Girl

I was flipping channels last night because I had already seen the episode of Stargate SG-1. I stopped on Food Network and Rachel Ray's "30 Minute Meals" was on. My mind was going, "This chick is hot, keep watching." So I was engrossed in the show because who wouldn't love a whole meal in 30 minutes and the host is HOT. Then I remembered she has been featured in FHM magazine. I scrambled down stairs to flip through my magazines to find those pictures. My eyes popped out of my head and I had to pick my tongue up off the floor.

Look at that. Doesn't that make you want to worship her? What guy wouldn't love this girl? She is down to earth beautiful and can cook. I'm a simple man. The best way to my heart is through my stomach. Rachel, I love you!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Ladies even Smokey says it's OK...

Brought to you by our friends at

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Great Video Games

1) Doom 2
2) The Sims
3) Alpha Centauri
4) Legend of Zelda III
5) Mega Man 2
6) Dungeon Explorer
7) Goldeneye
8) Grand Tourismo 2
9) Warcraft 2
10) Diablo 2

Monday, November 22, 2004

It's better to be Pissed Off then Pissed On

Every Sunday I have one of my weekly D&D session. In this game I play a Dwarven Paladin. Almost a bit of a contradiction in itself, but Viktor is sure fun to play. In the previous session, the group uncovered a secret underground lab where cleric of an evil god are creating an army of undead. We cleaned out most of the lab and almost killed a vampire that we thought was in league with the clerics. At the begin of this session last Sunday, the party discovered that in addition to the vampire we almost destroyed there is a master vampire imprisioned in the lab forced to help the clerics. He confronted the party requesting help to escape and in turn would provide our freedom the dungeon. My character and the Cleric of Pelor (sun god, chief god of goodly races) were not to happy to cooperate with this vampire but we relented. The party entered into the master vampire's crypt and I proceeded to climb ontop of his coffin and urinate all over it. The Vampire was none too happy about this and it came to blows. Suprisingly, we dispatched the vampires. Upon chopping the head of the master vampire and staking him, I pronouced, (and to quote a famous song), "I told you once you son of a bitch, I'm the best there ever was."

Friday, November 19, 2004

FCC has become a bunch of Facist bastards

First it was Janet and her breast, then it was Howard.
Now ABC is getting in trouble for screening Saving Private Ryan.
Even a local radio station is begin cited with charges for an on-air prank.
Free Speech is no longer sacred in this country.

Here is Howard giving out Sirius receivers in promotion forhis new channel on Sirus.
More power to ya man...

Cleaning the Kitchen

Last night my mother came over and helped me clean my kitchen. Previously we went out and bought dishes, pots and pans, and other cooking stuff. We cleaned this kitchen for 4 hours while watching Survivor and CSI. I couldn't believe how filthy this thing was. See now you are thinking I'm a complete slob, but I'm not. My apartment is split level so the upstairs is my roommate's domain and downstairs is my half. He has moved out and I was left with a dirty kitchen and nothing to cook with. As part of my Christmas presents, I got dishes and silverware. Mom also found some pots and pans for me. She also took me grocery shopping. Its amazing what parents will do for you once you have moved out of their house.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Legend Begins...

Most peeple know I work in the IT world but in the eyes of geekdom I have become compuer-retarded. So I have heard about these things called BLOGs and I'm like what the hell is that. So like a big giant moron I typed "What is a BLOG" into Google and I learned all about them. Here I will cronicle the Legends of the Drunken Master.